What Did You Watch? April 18th (Saturday)

TV Arts

Tutankhamen Autopsy:  I don't know what it was really called but it
was about running the mummy through an MRI.  At the end they decided
that he probably died of a broken leg.  maybe an accident, maybe a
battlefield injury.  They were claiming the skull injuries which have
formed the the previous theory of cause of death are the product of a
clumsy embalming job.  

Battlefield Detectives:  The Battle of the Bulge.  One bit I found
interesting, was that Hitler timed his assault by using u-boats as
weather stations to tell him when a weather front would hit that would
neutralise the allied air superiority.  I'd never heard of that
before.  Why the assault eventually failed is no surprise.  A military
plan that depends on capturing the enemy's supplies, is a castle built
on sand.  The narrator commented that the Allies were taken off-guard
because because they thought the enemy was on the ropes, but really,
the Allies had reason to think that.  

Twin Mission:  Hong Kong martial arts movie featuring Sammo Hung who
once upon a time was the lead in  "Martial Law".  Forces of good and
evil twin martial artists fight over a magic cancer-curing rock.  Very
silly premise.  Very spectacular fight choreography.  Very pretty
girls pretending to be twins.  I'm glad I get this channel named
"Omni" out of Eastern Canada.  Otherwise I wouldn't get to see these
Asian films.  

What did you watch?
Harry Kalas' memorial service. :~(
SNL-- Amy Poehler clip show.
Bill Maher with Joe the Plumber-- on demand.

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