What Did You Watch? April 27th

TV Arts

I watched:

Chuck:  OK, admittedly it was a bit of a stretch that they'd let Chuck
anywhere near some of the situations he's been in.   But if Chuck
somehow makes into another season, I have to wonder how it'll work
out.  On the other hand Chuck's personality is still going to limit
him in some ways.  

Castle:  So she was wanted for terrorism.  Wait.  Is there actually a
crime called "terrorism"?  I don't think there is.  But her associate
getting blown up would probably be felony murder.  

Heroes:  You could cut the stupidity of that ending with a knife.  Of
all the insane ways to deal with Sylar...  

What did you watch?
Little House on the Prairie. Some sort of marathon was on TVland this 
O'Reilly Factor.
Superstar USA: The BEST competitive reality show EVER!
The Hills: I had this on mostly as background noise, but do they really
expect us to believe that the girls spontaneously booked a flight to 
Hawai'i to crash the guys' weekend? PuhLEASE! Teaming up Spencer the 
douchbag with Heidi's turbo Xian friends was divinely inspired. Except
no, it wasn't.

Recorded CSI Horation and Castle.