What Did You Watch? August 28th (Friday)

TV Arts

Due to public demand...both of them...

I watched:

T.N. Tunstall at the Rehearsal Hall:  Holy crap, someone cloned
Melissa Etheridge.  There's a bit of copier degradation, though.  

Defying Gravity.  Yes, I watched tomorrow's show yesterday.  Now what
can I say that isn't a spoiler?  Ah.  I have it.  The next time some
idiot whines about how anti-Christian Hollywood is I'm going to
include this episode as a counter-example.  Paula may be annoying, but
she's less annoying than the outspoken atheist and a good deal more
sensible.  That he's an obnoxious idiot should not be taken as a
spoiler.  We already knew that.  

The Good Witch's Garden.  Catherine Bell returns as the "good witch"
who proves that the real magic is having the script writer on your

And what did those holdouts who haven't already posted watch?
The quality of your fan club is *much* more important than
the quantity. You don't want those fickle people anyway.

Was that a TV movie? And a sequel to a previous one on top of that?

Hey, thank you for asking! You may have noticed that your imitators
didn't care one whit about what other people watched, as evidenced
by the fact that *they* didn't ask. Harrumph.


"NOW on PBS." The importance of trucks to the national economy.
And a good point about how trucks and trains could be better
coordinated. So how long has Miles O'Brien been doing stuff for
PBS? Is he still on CNN, too?

"Bill Moyers Journal." The whole hour was turned over to the
film "Money-Driven Medicine." 

"Psych." This really *is* a fluffy show. James Roday and Dule Hill
have good chemistry; they really do seem to have fun together. But
it's very silly. The "Outer Limits" and "Exorcist" music cues were
cute. Sure are a lot more Douglas firs in Santa Barbara these days
than last time I was there. :-)

I fell asleep repeatedly and finally gave up.
The funny thing is, on my newsreader, my post shows up as part of
another thread instead of being a new one. 

Yes and yes.  In the Good Witch she moved into town, set up her New
Age shop, and had an uncanny instinct for telling people what to do to
solve their problems but found herself under attack by the snooty
Mayor's wife who hates anything slightly unconventional or unfamiliar.
In this one she goes up against a scam artist pretending to be a
relative who is out to steal her house.  He is, to put it mildly,
outgunned, but she humours him for a while.  Catherine Bell makes a
pretty good Purity Sue, so warm and caring she's barely human.  

The Sentinel very sensibly put itself in an imaginary Oregonian city
for just that reason.
To add a little context, these movies show up on The Hallmark 
Channel/The Hallmark Movie Channel, which is probably why Patty's never 
heard of them.
Although they're only rerunning it.  This feelgood nonsense was made
in Canada for The Movie Channel.
True that. ;-)

Although there was a time when I liked Hallmark, back when they
were airing "Wind at My Back." 

They air some good shows, but after everyone else has aired them
Some newsreaders will do that when the subject line is exactly
the same. I had a situation a few years ago where someone asked 
me why he couldn't find a certain Shakespeare film on the schedule
even though I had said it would air that month. Turns out that he
was using Google Groups, which had "helpfully" put my most recent
posting together with identically named ones from the same month
in previous years, and he hadn't noticed that the date on the
posting he read was 2-3 years back.

All by way of saying that if other people decide to start "What 
Did You Watch?"-type threads, they should give them a different 
name, or at the very least punctuate the subject different from 
how you do it so that they'll stay separate from yours. 

Yeah, usually the series shot in Vancouver are set--if on Earth
at all--in Washington or Oregon. Santa Barbara is a nice change 
of pace for a series, but really stretches credulity.

Thanks for the info on The Good Witch.

Same here. If the Subject is identical, it shows up in that thread.