What Did You Watch? August 9th (Sunday)

TV Arts

I watched:

Monk.  An episode where three bums hire Monk to find out who offed
their associate over Christmas.  Natalie was being cruel.  Inviting
three street people to eat dinner with Monk?  

Iron Road:  Chinese girl disguises herself as male to work on the
trans-Canada railway as a gopher/demolitions expert.  I didn't watch
it all.  Came in late.  

Defying Gravity:  Sort of.  Signal crapped out so I missed the ending

What did you watch?
"Monk" season premiere. The mystery sucked (well of course it did; it
would be an unexpected bonus if it didn't) but the set-pieces (Monk
and the mirror, Monk reading the book, Monk returning the book) were
enjoyable, even if the show continues coasting on Shalhoub's talent.
With about 16 episodes left it's time to savor the performance.

"Entourage." Eric's love-life - PHFFFFFT. Tom Brady -
PHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. This season - directionless. When "Turtle" is
your most lively character something has gone horribly wrong. 

"Hung." Ray (I think that's his name. Maybe it's Hank. Or am I
thinking of "Californication"?) blows his secret identity and his ex,
his pimp and his crazy client show up at his high-school basketball
game. Sounds funnee but it just sat there.