What Did You Watch? June 25th (Thursday)

TV Arts

I watched:

The Great Sperm Race:  Gimmicky portrayal of reproductive systems with
the sperm portrayed by a host of people in white.  

Law and Order U.K.:  Ex-cop is bludgeoned to death and turns out to
have had an unsavoury habit of unprofessional approaches to
prostitutes.  This one didn't ring a bell.  Either I don't remember
the orginal, or they actually wrote their own script.  

Primeval:  Armoured knight chases a dracorex through an anomaly.  At
the end they have to save the poor dragon from his pursuer.  Of course
now they've got a dracorex and no real place to put it until they can
find a door back to its home time.  

What did you watch?
I watched "Bones", or what they aired.  Early on, Global suddenly jumped
to a commercial, and then they spent what seemed like hours with an 
interruption about The Michael Jackson Story, maybe more than once.

It was the circus episode, and I thought I'd missed a bit when it first
aired, flipping channels or something.  I don't know, since I didn't see
it complete tonight, either.

I was watching "American Graffitti" earlier.  Maybe I'm in the wrong mood,
but it's not holding me this time.  Of course, I have it on DVD that 
negates a need to pay full attention.