What Did You Watch? March 12th (Thursday)

TV Arts

Bones:  Geez will all you guys stop with the bungee jumping couple who
find a corpse?  It's old.  This episode was fun though.  Apparently
Bones decided to do an episode from Eleventh Hour and the funky
disintigrating body was very intriguing

CSI:  Apparently CSI decided to do an episode of Flashpoint.  Kewl.
We've got a theme for the night.  Actually last week's episode wasn't
a very traditional CSI either.  Maybe they decided their set format
was tired and are trying to shake things up.

Eleventh Hour:  And Eleventh Hour decided to do an episode of Ugly
Betty.  Although on UB it would have been played for laughs but still,
there's no question in my mind that woman who nearly kills herself
with the plot device was supposed to remind viewers of the America
Ferrara character.  Was casting a former Lex Luthor as the corporate
executive intented to attract audience suspicion to him?

Blackpool:  This musical murder mystery wasn't very successful in
Britain, and even less successful in the Americanised form of Viva
Laughlin.  Basically it's a goofy confused concept. But I like David

What did you watch?
Survivor and I finally got a chance to watch Amazing Race from last Sunday. 
Was very disappointed that my favorite team was eliminated. :-(


Yeah, there have been some twists of fate that have taken out a couple of 
the better and more likeable teams :(  The older couple last week was even a 
bigger fluke.  I guess they made a small mistake -- being the only couple on 
a flight with a connection is a big risk unless you're in last place.

But -- you have to admire the show for not trying to be "fair".
Forgot to mention I watched The Daily Show to see the interview with Jim 
Cramer. Not what I was expecting. Cramer basically let Stewart take punch 
after punch at him and more or less agreed with what he said. Unless I 
missed something, Stewart relied on just one rare video clip to crucify 
Cramer. Where in the hell was that clip from anyway? It said it was from 
2006 but the quality made it seem like it was from some local cable show 
from 1970. Did CNBC prevent Stewart from using any clips from them?