What Did You Watch? March 30 (Monday)

TV Arts

Chuck:  The arguement I kept waiting for someone to make was that
Chuck being in love with Sara makes him a lot more manageable.  

Heroes:  Why is HRG even still there?  Seriously, his rabbi is gone,
the thug in charge has no real use for him, his daughter's one of
"them" and he hasn't racked up a big success.  Or any successes

Castle:  Er...why can't cops call prostitutes and pretend they're
looking for action?  So far as I know, cops can do much sketchier
things than that.  

House:  Oh for god's sake.  All the guy can do is watch things.  Don't
talk about your love life to him.  Give him a television already!

24:  Did the President have the same accent last week?  It seems
awfully broad this time.  Given the history of this series, isn't it a
bit silly for posse comitatus to be a barrier.  I see.  They learned
with a 20 minute examination that the disease isn't contagious?  

What did you watch?
The last four episodes of THE BEAST. I wish Patrick Swayze well.