What Did You Watch?

TV Arts

I watched

Perry Mason:  Della apparently comes from a rural area but certainly
left that behind in her speech.  However she has an attractive young
friend who she's been asked to look out for from the old home town who
hasn't.  Said friend is a victim of a rather interesting scam.  He
finds heirs to money and without telling them about the money that's
coming to them, offers them a contract as some kind of model.  The
contract entitles him to 50% of what they earn over its term.  Thus
when they come into their big inheritance, he gets half of it.  He
gets murdered of course.

Some videos:  I saw Madonna's latest video and the oddest thought
struck me as I listened to those inane, mindless lyrics set to a
neo-disco beat.  "Britney's songs are much more intelligent than

Law and Order UK:  This time it was an adaptation of another classic
Mothership episode, the one where a landlord  behavior has led to the
death of a baby.  The original struck me as a quintessentially New
York story arising as it does over New York's peculiar rent control
legislation.  Transplanting it to London gives the evil landlord a
much more flimsy motive.  All she had to do is wait for the  contracts
to run out, after all.  Apart from that, the intro was different.  I
don't recall the abandoned baby bag being suspected of being a bomb.
Good thing they didn't blow it up.  

Vampire Diaries:  I can't complain about the opening words.  They are
after all being written in the diary of a teenage girl.  VD is not a
really notable show, but I didn't think it was terrible.  I did find
myself wondering why psychic chick wasn't the protagonist.  

Century Hotel:  5 different stories in different timeframes unfold
with scene changes between historical eras in the same room.  Not a
great viewing choice.  All the stories were basically pathetic in the
sense of looking to inspire pathos.   And the only reason I watched it
was because the onscreen guide gave me a bum steer.  It was supposed
to be "Where the Truth Lies".  Bait and switch dude, bait and switch. 
What did you watch?
In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 'Willow' wasn't the protagonist, either. 
Hopefully this bodes well for Vampire Diaries as a show capable of bringing 
us multiple characters of interest.

I also watched some of the NFL game.  My Steelers really could have 
benefitted from some form of a running game.  It still pisses me off that 
Isaac Redman was dumped to the practice squad after the way he performed in 
the pre season.

I also watched Project Runway:  An absolutely horrible outfit won for best 
look this week.  On the up side, a designer deserving of the boot was sent 

I also caught part of Total Drama Action.  This second season has pretty 
much sucked.  They missed a golden opportunity to have that lighter pulled 
out of a hidden orifice, just as Richard Hatch did in Survivor All-stars.
So was the show worthy of watching? Not that I will be watching as
right now I watched Big Brother (Yea!!! Jordan won the 2nd part of the
F3 HoH comp) and next week Survivor starts. So I won't be watching the
show live but I might tune in later on if it's a worth show.

You know I was talking about this with some other people. I said
something about how I normally hate the dresses that the judges love
and my friends agreed. Last night we all agreed with the judges on all
of the dresses (first time I can ever recall that happening) except
for the winning dress. I didn't think it was worthy of getting the
boot but I certainly never thought it had a shot of winning.

That might have been a bit too edgy for them.
It wasn't clearly not worthy of watching, but I'll wait until after
the exposition-packed pilot before deciding whether it'll be just
another pedestrian vampire shagger story.
Yes.  The jury is still out on whether it will turn into a cult favorite ala 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer or just another teen soap ala Dawson's Creek, but 
the first episode is worth watching for the setup.  The pilot airs again on 
CW Friday (tonight) and Sunday, but it won't normally air multiple times per 
week.  Right now, CW still has programming control over Sunday nights, but 
soon they will be returning that night to the affiliates.

It looked like an ill-fitting mess.  I have no idea why it won and I didn't 
think the judges gave any real reasons, either.

It may be a cartoon, but there is lots of vulgar humor 
(fart/puke/bathroom/'nudity'/etc...)  It would have fit right in with the 
show for the host to say something like 'I don't even want to know where you 
have been hiding that lighter'.