What Independent Stations do you have?

TV Arts

Independent == no affiliation with any network.

Lancaster PA has WGCB-49 which specializes in Christian broadcasting.
Link:  http://www.wgcbtv.com/sales.html -   (Notice how their Digital
Television channel has a greater range than their Analog channel.  Is
it normal for DTV to be longer-range than ATV?)

I also receive a station from Philadelphia.  I think it's channel 63?
I rarely watch it, but everytime I switch-over, I find them showing
lots of old B-level gangster films.  Very poor quality.  My grandfather
used to watch that station every afternoon, just so he could see the


Grand Rapids MI has at least 2 independents that I can get
over-the-air.  I don't know what their call-latters are, because I
don't bother to watch them.  One seems to be a Christian station, while
the other features lots of Locally-produced programs (like how to go
fishing, or how to shoot wild game, or how to sail a boat on the great

What Independents do you have in your area?  And what do they show?
WSBK, Channel 38 in Boston was a UPN affiliate until six weeks ago. They 
show mostly syndicated stuff and nothing rare - Dr. Phil, Wheel of Fortune, 
Jeopardy, Frasier, etc. But it's a CBS-owned station, so they're trying to 
go for a mainstream audience, not a niche.