What happened to NBC's widescreen format?

TV Arts

In the last two weeks, every NBC show that was in widescreen format (Law 
& Order, The Office, etc.) has shifted back to the old-style standard 
full-screen format. Any reason for this?
Here was ANOTHER thing.  While it didn't happen on every show, there's
been two three times that the sound from the front speakers was gone.
In a LAW & ORDER episode, all the soundtrack had was the ambient
noises, or the Foley stuff.  It was very weird.  There lips would be
moving, but no dialogue, but you could hear the hinges squeak and the
door slam as they were searching the premises.  You'd hear the
keyboards and electronic warbles of the telephones while their lips
were moving.  In one instant, you could hear the voices as they
bounced off the back walls of a warehouse, but it was just the echo.
The same for the courtroom scenes.  The entire broadcast was like
that.  On SNL, you could hear the audience reactions, but you couldn't
hear the actual skits themselves, beyond what you could hear if you
were sitting way at the top of the studio for a live performance that
wasn't amplified.  It was really strange.  And these were for NBC HD

Alric Knebel
Yep, I remember an episode or two when that happened. Didn't last the 
whole episode. Just a few minutes here and there.