What happened to "Hell's Kitchen"?

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My area had a power outage so I missed the second hour of the finale. Could
someone at least tell me who won?
Michael, but he gave up the prize of opening his own restaurant to go back to
London with Gordon and study under him to be a top chef--which is undoubtedly a
very smart move.

.:. Craig
According to http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2005/08/06/1161547.html
he didn't give up the restaurant:

"Wray plans to make the move overseas within the next two months and 
then return to the U.S. next year when he'll start-up his $2 million US 
restaurant -- his prize for winning."

Yes, I agree. Michael is only 27. He can take the next few years, 
learning, saving, and planning, so he can open a restaurant of his own.

I thought this show overall was entertaining, and I'm motivated to start 
cooking myself. I eat too much fast food.
Yes, a smart  move, probably giving him a better chance for restaurant
success when he's done, but I couldn't help noticing the look on
Michael's wife's face. She kept looking at him like, "Um, you're not
going to decide this right here, without a discussion, right?" I'm
sure the offer was made, discussions occurred, then taping resumed,
but it struck me as amusing that they set up the offer as if he had to
answer on the spot.