What is life cycle of alien critters in Invasion?

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What do people think is the life cycle of the alien creatures on Invasion?

We have:

Bright lights that fall from the sky, preferably during violent storms. 
        Bright lights pounce at people who get too close to them.

Weird glowing orange alien crayfish-like fish.  They contain some kind 
of womb like organ that has been found to contain human DNA and acid 
that kills living tissue and makes it smell.  The crayfish like things 
   transform humans into aliens by killing the human body, and creating 
a new body, of uncertain identity.

Doubles of killed humans who have high hemoglobin levels, like to spend 
  time underwater, and identify completely with the people who they 
replaced.   When they realize they aren't human, the emotional conflict 
leads them to self destruct!   Unless they have other ways to give their 
experience meaning.   (Is any one getting the idea that humans are not 
the natural host of this species?  They must be having a frightfully low 
rate of reproduction from whatever stage in the lifecycle the human 
doubles are.)

Why are these people killing their children?

What is the next stage in the life cycle?

Dora Smith
Austin, TX
Here, before, people have discussed the draw that the 'lights in the water'
have to either 'as if a moth drawn to flame' or some sort of hypnotic state
that they put the human in so they either freeze until the light can pull
them down or that actually causes them to keep moving toward the light until
they are pulled under. Either way, I've not seen anyone per se describe it
as a pouncing upon. I see what you mean, though, as at the last second it
seems the human might realize a danger & pull back but just at that second
the light gives a big pull & it's too late!

I thought we had something much like a starfish, from outside & in water &
in one mode, seeming to be an amorphous glowing mass, but underneath with a
spine & knobby things, etc. & when dry appearing quite different. Certainly
this seems to have more tentacles, but also seems to have a part of its
extended torso that wraps around the human prey's torso. In there I presumed
we have the soft tissue organ or organs of the alien, not a womb, but the
part of it that consumes the human body & DNA & memories, etc. Once having
eaten the human all it leaves behind is its alien skeletal mass wrapped
around detritus from itself & the human & associated wet stuff.

A number of pod people have had trouble identifying with their children. The
pod people do not automatically identify completely with the original human
& its relationships. Muriel had trouble identifying with her children, but
she hasn't even come close to killing them. One pod young woman completely
rejected her infant son & her mother-in-law's handling of the situation just
exacerbated things, etc.

I presume that this alien life form is extra terrestrial, and, therefore, it
definitely would not have humans, on earth, as its original host or natural
choice - possibly just a near fit that they're trying to make work.

I don't know. When do we find out more about the government's tampering with
storms & weather, and why in this instance they were trying to bring about
this storm? Does that in any way relate to the reputed differences in the
Everglades Pod population & that in other countries around the world?