What is . . . your own gameshow?

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What Is Your Own Gameshow?
Last year Ken Jennings won $2.5 on "Jeopardy!"   Now Comedy Central has
announced that they are developing a game show for the game show champion.
The executive producer of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," Michael Davies,
will executive produce the untitled series with Jennings. The show is
expected to be on the air this year. Davies says: "Comedy usually comes out
of conflict, and there`s a conflict at the heart of Ken. He comes across a
nice, gentle, quiet man, but when you put a buzzer in his hand, he becomes a
killer." Lauren Corrao, senior vp original programing and head of
development at Comedy Central said of the new host: "Research has shown that
our viewers are clamoring for more shows hosted by software engineers from
Utah and, fortunately, Ken was available and had a screen test handy."
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It's called "Let's Give QD A Million Dollars"

Every week several contestants fight one another in painful and
shocking tests of will, and then I am given $1,000,000.