Where the h*** are all my network and cable shows tonight???!!!

TV Arts

Just thought I'd save You-Know-Who the trouble. :-)

According to The Futon Critic, however, SyFy will proceed with its
two-hour premiere of "Caprica." (Okay, SyFy's website agrees.)

Speaking of cable channels airing the Haiti benefit, I spotted a
few on The Futon Critic's list that I've never even heard of before! 
Namely, CENTRIC, EPIX, and PALLADIA. Had to look those up to find 
out what they were.

I was tempting to post a warning last night.

Here in Canada, there was even an hour long Canadian special that aired
at 7pm, put together by CTV, CBC and Global.

The French networks weren't in on it, it looked like the French arm
of the CBC was having some special about Haiti (unless that was an
ad when I briefly switched channels to look), while the others stay
with regular programming.

Great minds think alike .:-)

Yeah, I got an alert about that earlier today from one of my Google
News searches (Tom Jackson).

Wow, I'm surprised. They must be planning *something*. I can't imagine
that, with their close ties to Haiti, French Canadians and their TV
networks wouldn't be behind the relief effort 110%.

I wasn't paying attention.  All of the French networks, the commercial
TQS and TVA, the French CBC and the provincial network, had a 2 hour
telethon of local talent at 8pm.

My mistake was in thinking they'd air the US telethon at 8pm, and thus
I had expected something local at 7pm.  I'm sure the French channels
have aired big US concerts of this level before, such as Live Aid,
but I can't remember.

Yes, Quebec has the largest density of Haitians in Canada, undoubtedly
because French is the language of Haiti.  There's a collection right now
for winter coats, in anticipation of people coming here from Haiti.