Whistler 6/30/07 on The N: Possible Spoilers

TV Arts

That. Was. Horrid.
Is this a limited series or an ongoing? I don't feel like getting
involved with it if it has no definite ending.
I was disappointed when Max Perlich never showed up.

I don't know, but I think it's odd that The-N kept referring to it as 
the "season premiere," rather than the "series premiere" or "premiere."

Like _Lost_ has?
"Lost" isn't a teen soap-opera. Those I'll only watch if they're either
exceptionally well-done or have an interesting hook, which in this case
would have to be a closed-ended central mystery.
It has a 13-episode order iirc. I don't think it's necessarily limited by 
anything other than its quality and viewership. It's running in Canada as