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TV Arts

What happened to the TV Guide channel? It was on channel 68 Comcast
cable here in the SF Bay area (sharing with a Chinese broadcast
between 6pm and midnight). I scanned the channel a few of days ago,
but now it's been off for a day and a half.

Not sure. All I know is that it was recently bought _again_ and the
new owners are dropping the scrolling listings on the bottom of the
scren. Makes sense, since it's an HIGHLY outdated feature, w/ STB (set
top boxes) for cable and satellite already having an EPG (electronic
programming guide).

Even thought OTA (over the air) viewers w/ got an analog-to-digital
converter box have an EPG; no subcription to cable or satellite


lol Aw.... Prevue Guide. <3 Back in the '80s watching my grandparents
C-band satellite dish. Took a hell of a long time to go through 8-10
satellites w/ 24 transponders on each!!!!
So we won't be able to see folks on LOOK-A-LIKE anymore trying to look
like some famous celebrity anymore???

Oh great..thanks!


lol They're dropping the scrolling programming grid, they're not
dropping the channel. So sadly we haven't seen the last of that awful,
ugly Lisa Rinna and all the fluff TV programs ABOUT TV programs TV
Guide Network churns out.

Canadians don't even get the channel. So we're one up on you guys fish
lips (Rinna) talk about geat oral sex techniques (it's even in her
BOOK!). Enjoy! :-D
Well, down here in the *lower 48*, we don't even have that...no
broadcast at all. No IDOL talk, no Red Carpet stuff, no nothing!!!

So basically, Comcast deleted a channel and replaced it with something
else. I guess you'll have to consider satellite (my tongue is hanging
out for DirecTV) if you want it bad enough. I know it's a trade-off
since Comcast has something DirecTV doesn't. I supose it depend where
your priorities are.

We have 2 satellite companies to choose from. The 1 I want doesn't
carry MSNBC, which is a must-have for me, so I stay w/ cable. Cable's
VOD sux and I'm bombarded w/ stupid cable-co insert ads on U.S. cable
channels during commercials (Spike TV, CNN, TLC, MSNBC, Peachtree TV,
etc.). The cable-co is HQ'd in Toronto so ALL the ads are Toronto-
based (Toronto's community channel, cable-co-owned Toronto radio
stations) and when they're not, they're the same 2 "HD spots" they run
over and over again (1 break 1 ad, the other break the other ad).
Annoying! But I love MSNBC. lol Oh.... and get this-- this cable-co
stretches to Atlantic Canada, so while I'm 2 hours south of T.O.,
there's some poor sap in Newfoundland ALSO watching a useless Toronto
radio station insert ad for a station HE CAN'T GET!!!