Why Barney Fife was a despicable person

TV Arts

1. Conniving, untrustworthy, social climbing backstabber - He took every
opportunity to undermine Andy's authority, besmirching his reputation and
competence to friends and strangers alike for the sake of improving his own
social and professional stature. Even when forced to recant his false
accusations under the guise of an apology it was usually only to save face.

2. Dangerous threat with firearms - Ignoring the strict, direct orders of his
superior and the primary rules of law enforcement, he repeatedly fired his
weapon in a reckless and irresponsible manner, usually only barely avoiding
wounding or killing innocent bystanders.

3. Scofflaw and destroyer of public and private property - He nearly burned
down his place of residence by ignoring the in-house rules about cooking in his
room. Once evicted he then used the courthouse for his illicit trysts with
Thelma Lou and for free housing at the taxpayers' expense. He was responsible
for the destruction of more public property, particularly through car crashes,
bullet holes and broken windows, than even Ernest T. Bass or the entire Darling
family. However, unlike them he was never fined, incarcerated, ostracized or
exiled unless self-imposed.

4. Pettiness in authority  He was constantly applying an unwieldy, inflexible
interpretation of the law to dole out the harshest possible penalties to
elderly women, illiterate farmers, out of towners and otherwise law abiding
citizens - in other words, anyone he felt he could intimidate without fear of
retribution. When confronted with the possibility of physical altercation he
ran and hid like a snivelling coward and then lied to cover up the fact.
Thank God he's dead.