Why does the Bush family dog keep trying to sell the secret recipe?

TV Arts

Now, I'm no dog psychiatrist, but I can see that dog's pissed.  How
come whenever he gets a chance he sprints away from his owner and tries
to give the secret family recipe to anybody who'll listen?  At first I
thought, well, the dog's obviously a traitor out to destroy the family
business, and anybody with any sense would stuff him into a pillowcase
and throw him down a well.  But then I thought, hey, dogs aren't born
bad.  His owner must have done something horrible to make to dog mad --
there's a reason bestiality is in the dictionary, you know -- and the
dog is seeking revenge by hitting the family where it hurts.

Personally, I'd like to get more information about the dog -- like, is
he acting out in other ways?  Peeing on the carpet?  Snarling at other
dogs?  Scratching at the couch, or other furniture?  Though the
commercials treat his behavior as light and fanciful, this dog is
clearly very angry, and even if he succeeds in destroying the family
business, I'm not sure this dysfunctional tale will end there.  Though
personally I won't miss the beans.

Anybody else got any feelings about this?
As long as he doesn't sell the pictures of the Bush guy screwing the dog.