Why is Christopher Walken (Natalie Wood murderer!!! But, no matter...) so obvio

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Why is it when stars with nothing to hype (Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin,
Christopher Walkin) host, the show's like 60% funnier? :-)

How in the HELL did they get away with saying "Pussy Wagon" (C.W.
plays the director of a high school production of the musical
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I don't suppose you could be troubled to tell us what you are talking 
Troubled is the key word their or troll for the lack of a better term.
It's Taylor, silly.  ;)  He would be very troubled if he had to know 
what he was talking about.
People, the SNL cross-post says it all.

But I think the poor old guy's finally snapped from all the pressure
of holding in the guilt and carrying it with him for so long. It's sad
to watch. He makes like, *zero* eye contact with the rest of the
Saturday Night Live cast.  And he's flubbing his lines like mad.

Remember when he use to be sharp as a tack and did that on-going '80s
"The Continental" character, trying to lure women to this penthouse
and trap them there? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Guilt about....what?
Oh wait, I only half paid attention to the title of the thread. I take
it he's rumored to have had a hand in NW's demise?
Yeah, because people can't bear the idea that she had a bit too much
to drink, had an argument with her hubby (not a bad one apparently),
and tried to storm off to pout...  Sorry that no one heard her go into
the water, but why would they?  She was terrified of dark water.

I'd never heard that Walken killed her though, only that her husband
might have because she was having an affair with CW.  If he'd wanted
her gone, I'm pretty sure he'd have waited until the film was
finished, since it's been said that her scenes they had to cut were
crucial to the story (I certainly hope so, it was a p.o.s. that made
no sense).
Not our problem that you're unclear.
Okay, but this is Christopher Walken, we're talking about here. What
the heck else does he have to do in life other than host this show
when they can't get a big star with a project to plug. And my usage of
the word "cue cards" should clue you in.

And Brandy's been bitten one too many times by the jealousy bug and me
whomping her skanky ass at a battle of wits. :-)
In article 

Wow. That's some serious self-aggrandizing delusion you've got going 
there. Based on your contributions to this newsgroup, it's apparent that 
you couldn't win a battle of wits with a deer tick.
Do you really think he had something to do with Natalie Woods' death? It's 
always been a mystery what really went on that night. Was she having an 
affair with him?
Was Walken even on the boat?
From: [email protected] (Pithy¬†and¬†Original) Was she having an
affair with him?
From: [email protected] (Pithy and Original) Was she having an
affair with him?
From: [email protected] 
Robert Wagner was her husband.
I don't know.  Who?
I thought the story was: Natalie was upset (and drinking) because Walken
and her hubby were having sex. The GREASE thing was funny. Especially
"Gene Rayburn" and "Hubba Hubba."
they all rely on the cue cards, it's like they write the show between commercial breaks
saturday night live.