Will CBS Cancel Anything Next Fall? And "Fringe" Takes a Dive.

TV Arts

Just when you thought CBS will have at least two hours they know they
could cancel for next fall, now it looks like they could be down to
one.  The Defenders in its new time slot on Friday scored 20% higher
than Medium did.  Its 18-49 sucked, though, only 1.3, but still it
tied for second place in the 8 pm hour in that demo.  But a 5.4 in
households for top spot in the hour saw it comfortably ahead of
returning runner-up Who Do You Think You Are's 4.5.  What a dilemma
CBS has - what to cancel, what to cancel?

Meanwhile, Fringe took a hit as it skidded down to a 2.4 from 2.6 and
in 18-49 from a 1.9 to 1.6.  Hmm, maybe the show isn't going to make a
4th season after all.
You're just now figuring out that it's doomed?
It was doomed since the start of season 2 as far as I'm concerned.
And I've never been impressed by its increasingly pitiful demos since
then as well.  The move to Friday needed to prove itself and while it
held up okay with a 1.9, for a Friday 9 pmer on FOX the first couple
of weeks, being up against mostly repeats was no true test of its
ability to last in that slot or for much longer.  Last night showed
where it's truer strength lies against original programming, and not
very good original programming at that.  Besides, after season one,
it's lost its sense of direction and doesn't even know where it's at
right now, which doesn't help it much, either.
HEY! The CSI:NY episode was good.

Wrong. It's got a clear direction. Its problems lie elsewhere. Like it 
being a genre show, it being on FOX, and it being on Fridays.