Wrestling news: Jericho, Unforgiven, Trish, iMPACT

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Here are some wrestling news items for you:

      - Chris Jericho was the first celebrity eliminated from Fox's
Celebrity Duets. The Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah didn't go over well
with the judges.

      - Two matches were announced on the special Raw on Sci-Fi. John
Cena will face Edge in a TLC match. If Cena loses, he will go to
Smackdown (which desperately needs star power). And after Vince and
Shane McMahon beat DX to a pulp, Vince announced that the Mcmahons will
take on Shawn and Triple H in a HELL IN A CELL match.

   - Trish Stratus has confirmed to WWE.com that she is retiring from

   - WWE has begun promoting Cena's movie The Marine. Trailers have
appeared on Raw the last two weeks.

   - TNA iMPACT! scored a 0.8 rating last Thursday. To add insult to
injury, the show lost 50 percent of the Ultimate Fighting audience.

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The guy who has an actual band is the first out?

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