Yankee fans know how to support their team

TV Arts

Or maybe not...
Phillies fans know how to stay classy and not get too personal

Well at least a day later they got the spelling right

Someone should do a "tale of the tape" between a Phillies crowd and a
Tea Party rally.
Haw Haw Haw.

But they don't get up and walk out.
You know, thinking some more about it, maybe since they also
wolfwhistled Lincelum by "hippy" they meant he had nice child-bearing

New Yorkers have to wake up early on weekdays to go make the world's
economy run.
It could be as a good number of baseball pitchers are pear shaped.

Only a New Yorker could actually believe that people in New York wake up 
early.  The financial types on the West Coast start each day three hours 
earlier than the New Yorkers.
Some are even bootylicious. When in Philadelphia, David Wells should
go straight to the broadcast booth and avoid the fans.

The only West Coasters I have sympathy for are those who get up at the
crack of dawn to put out a ratings newsletter for the benefit of
readers who don't even appreciate them.
Probably an hour's worth of work put in every day.
All this shows that boorishness is on the rise, reflected well in the 
fare on network and cable.......