Yes, that was BUG on 24

TV Arts

I was sure that I recognized the voice of the Imam that Jack Bauer
questioned and then took along for the ride on last night's
(05/04/2009) episode of 24.  The voice was unmistakably that of Bug
(Ravi Kapoor) from Crossing Jordan, even though he wasn't recognizable
to me in a full beard.  With a little bit of searching, I was able to
confirm that it was indeed Bug!
Yeah, LOL, I recognized him too.  I hope the guy gets some work -- he's a 
terrific character actor.   He, Nigel, and Miguel Ferrer were all excellent 
on Crossing Jordan, although I didn't like Jill or Woody so much.
Same here!  Those were my favorite CJ characters too, had no idea they 
were so popular with others.  NBC shot itself in the foot again, when 
they canceled that show.  It wasn't a cookie cutter show and had some 
unique characters which created interesting TV.  I would have watched 
without Jill or Jerry, but Miguel did need an antagonist of some kind.  :)
It had one of the same problems as Dollhouse.  The deal was for a Jill 
Hennessey vehicle.  So they were stuck with her lukewarm acting and rather 
unsympathetic, and not altogether well drawn, character.  Too bad, the 
secondary characters and writing/directing were solid.

Woody/Jerry was awful.  He didn't even get along with Hennessey!  I never 
have figured out how he didn't get replaced.
I did not KNOW that!  What a shame they didn't toss him, and keep 
Jordan's temporary boyfriend which they killed off.  What a waste!
Yeah, it wasn't open warfare, but it was bad enough to throw off the romance 
plot between them.  They had no chemistry and neither of them wanted to do 
romantic scenes.
What show were you watching? The writing wasn't solid.

She's in a new movie about the suburbs and got good reviews.
I agree with you. They enhanced the quality of the show's frequent weak
scripts. I liked the White Shadow too.

He was a genius on "Sliders". Since then, he's played a dunce.