[Poll] VICTORiOUS vs iCarly-which is better?

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iCarly is funnier, but Victoria Justice (of VICTORiOUS!) is cooler.
Anyone else have an opinion?
Also, like the music in VICTORiOUS (eg Tori the Zombie!!).  Victoria
Justice sings better than Indiana Evans (of H2O!), but I like
"Bella"'s rock angst more.  Listen to Bella's awesome rendition of the
show theme song in the series finale! (yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the
SERIES finale...)
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How the heck did you get to watch "H2O" to the end?!!

Ian  (I'm still going to have to try and track down seasons #2 & #3 on 
the internet...  :/  )
Downloaded it via usenet binary groups.  The torrent sites probably
wouldn't have it anymore because very few people are interested in
watching the show and the shows were aired months ago.  The quality of
videos wasn't that great though - probably because it was non-hdtv.