!Traveler pilot Spoilers Possible

TV Arts

The premise is totally implausible. That said. Wow! What a great yarn setup 
this is. David Nutter delivered an excellent action-packed pilot. While the 
leads are relatively unknown actors, they do a pretty good job. The names 
are the supporting actors, character actors Wm. Sadler and Steven Culp. 
Viola Davis is on board as well. This would be a good movie. Whether it 
works as a TV series is a different question.

I just wonder whether these series meta-arc grand mysteries are going to 
burn themselves out. We already have Prison Break and Lost. For the coming 
season, add Runaway, Traveler, Vanished, Kidnapped, The Nine, and probably 
Six Degrees. There may be more that I'm not recalling. I think 24 works 
because the arc seems to cover a season and not a series, although there are 
certainly links from one season to the next at times. There is action and a 
payoff. One of the reasons I don't pay a lot of attention to Lost and to an 
extent Prison Break, is because I don't feel I get much of a payoff by 
watching. Lost just bores me at times and I definitely think they have no 
idea where the show is headed. I have a feeling, the same is true of Prison 
Break. At least they admit they just make stuff up as they go along on 24. 
Each season they get a chance to re-rack the table which is a plus. For 
these grand meta-arc mysteries, if you miss a single episode, it's sometimes 
difficult to watch the next and understand what the heck's going on.

I think the nets ultimately are going to have a problems if they load their 
scheds with these types, since these shows don't repeat well and they need 
additional programming to fill the gaps. Also once a viewer drops out, the 
chances of getting them back seems remote.
These shows do sell very well abroad and do great on dvd, and I'm
guessing they're more popular with young adults since CBS, the
procedural network, skews old.