"60 Minutes Wednesday" cancelled...

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From The New York Times, full article on the NYTimes.com site:


Eight months after broadcasting a report critical of President Bush
that was later disavowed, CBS said today that it had canceled the
Wednesday edition of "60 Minutes."

The announcement was made this morning by Leslie Moonves, the chairman
of CBS, at a breakfast meeting with journalists in advance of a
presentation later today to advertisers.


Dan Rather will probably be given a slot on the Sunday edition of "60
Minutes" through 2006, according to two people familiar with his


In his remarks, Mr. Moonves stressed the fact that the Wednesday
edition of "60 Minutes" had some of the oldest viewers of any program
on the network.

"This was a ratings call and not a content call," Mr. Moonves said. "I
know that's a question."
Of course, part of the reason the ratings were going into the toilet was 
that people had started to realize just how bad 60 Minutes II was, on a 
journalistic scale.  They'd completely lost credibility, and that's a 
killer for that sort of show.
The ratings are only down 15% from last year, while "Lost" is up 130%
over what ABC aired there in 2003-04. That looks fairly consistent to
And wasn't Dan Rather's non-retirement based on him only being on '60 
Minutes Wednesday'? Now that it's a non-entity, I don't think he'll be 
working again. heh-heh
According to the article that started this thread Rather is likely
moving to "60 Minutes"
Down *only* 15%, and they didn't try moving 60 Minutes II (part of the 
longest-running news family around) to get better ratings?
News skews old and they can make more money from shows that appeal to
younger viewers, and there aren't many holes on their schedule where
they could move it to anyway.
Note that CBS didn't even *try* to shift 60MII around for better