"All My Children," "One Life To Live" to continue online?

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<if you can believe the NY Post>


Beloved soap operas to migrate online

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will live on — on the Web.

Disney’s ABC has sold the online rights to the two long-running soaps,
which are scheduled to go off the air in September, as part of a deal
with TV, film and music company Prospect Park, The Post has learned.

Sources said the daily dramas will pick up where they left off on a
new, as-yet-unnamed, TV-focused online network once the soaps finish
their four-decade run on ABC.

Prospect Park, founded in 2008, is run by executives Rich Frank, a
former Disney Studios boss, and Jeff Kwatinetz. Both are executive
producers of USA Network’s hit show, "Royal Pains."

The firm will take charge of the same cast, crew and talent — even
soap star Susan Lucci as the villainous Erica Kane — and continue the
story lines.

Prospect Park is said to be finalizing its current round of funding
for its Hulu-style venture in the next month to 45 days. Other unnamed
financial backers are involved. The financial terms couldn’t be

The soaps are expected to be the first of a number of brand-name TV
shows to eventually land at the site.

News of the deal will be a huge relief to soap fans who have been
campaigning for ABC to keep them on air. The broadcast network said in
April it was dumping them for much less expensive, unscripted
programs, "The Chew" and "Revolution."

"All My Children" launched in 1970 and "One Life to Live" began life
in 1968.

A Disney spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment. Calls to
Prospect Park were not returned.
This will never happen. IIRC, they were promising to do something 
similar with, I think, "Passions", after it was cancelled, and nothing 
ever came of that. 

As far as I know *NO* cancelled show has ever continued on after 
cancellation on the web.
Eventually, some online entity like Hulu is going to take the plunge and 
pick up a cancelled series.

Would you buy into a scenario where these soaps were continued on in a comic 
book format?
Now THAT'S an interesting idea.  I have no interest in an online
version, but I could get behind this.
In article

Passions was picked up by DirecTV in 2007.  It started at four times a
week in September (ten days after it left NBC), but DirecTV announced
its cancellation that December.  The 4x-week schedule was cut to 3x in
order to stretch newly produced episodes to August 2008, when Passions
finally ebbed.  There was fanciful talk of yet another pickup by
somebody, somewhere, but that never happened.
"The Critic" did, sorta.  I'm not sure on what site they were "aired"
(I didn't even know they existed until the DVDs), but it returned as a
series of a handful of 15-minute episodes.

If this isn't an online push, which is a stronger possibility than
Passions due to the tech capacity increases under Moore's law, it
might be saving face PR, keeping the production from shutting down
should they realize what a stupid mistake they have made, flooding the
post-Oprah daytime television schedule with sub-Oprah-or-soap

As long as there's production, there's hope.