"Charlie's Angels" casts Annie Ilonzeh

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ABC's 'Charlie's Angels' Casts First Angel

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the first new Charlie's angel: I hear General Hospital
co-star Annie Ilonzeh has landed one of the 3 leads in ABC's Charlie's
Angels pilot. The project, from Sony Pictures TV and Drew Barrymore's
Flower Films, is a modern take on the Angels set in Miami and centers
on a new trio of young and sexy private eyes - Kate, Abby and Marisa -
working for a wealthy mystery man. Ilonzeh will play Kate, a very
smart and very athletic ex-cop and a master of martial arts. She is
the most serious of our 3 Angels but also knows how to let her hair
down and have a great time. Ilonzeh, best known for her role as Maya
Ward on General Hospital, recently did arcs on HBO's Entourage and the
CW's Melrose Place.

'Martial arts' is coming close to being a buzz word that causes me to not 
even sample shows.
Well if she's not gonna be a computer genius she's gotta contribute
She looks to be capable of filling the bikini requirement that this remake 
will likely have.  Still, can't any show just get by on the logical 'has a 
gun' rather than silly 'can kick people'?
Anyone can carry a gun. Unless she's an expert marksman, but then that
limits how she can be used. She'll be left standing on a far away
rooftop while the other two do all the work.
'All the work'?  Are the other two going to be doing the leg work (martial 
arts experts) as well?
Probably.  IIRC, Drew Barrymore had a "no guns" rule for the Angels in
the movies, and she's a producer on this.  It does strain credibility
- in the real world, you can't make the criminals play by the same
rules, and even if they do, it's hard to buy a 110-pound woman beating
up a guy who's twice her size - "master of martial arts" or not.  Give
them both a gun, and it's a fairer fight.

I don't know anything about this actress, but after a Google image
search, I'm OK with her, although it probably does mean that my dream
of getting Gugu Mbatha-Raw in this is over.
Now, I watched the original series faithfully as any teenaged boy of
my era did, but I don't recall the Angels actually USING their guns
except in the "we got you covered, you slimeball, now hands up" kinda
way.  They drew them once or twice per episode, but (strangely
enough), I can remember them ever actually FIRING them.

RWG (actually, that same kind of phenom happened a LOT in '70s TV cop
That's true, but I don't remember them getting into a lot of hand-to-
hand fights either, at least not with men.  When you can point a gun
at the bad guy, you don't have to worry about kicking his ass.
In article 

Oh, sure they did.  They murdered people routinely.  I remember this guy 
trying to escape in his private plane, and they were after him for some 
non violent crime like counterfieting, and they shot his plane and 
caused it to crash on take off and killed him.
It wouldn't be "Charlie's Angels" if they only did investigative work
and never got into fights.