"Day of the Triffids" remake announces cast

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'Day of the Triffids' assembles cast
Dougray Scott, Eddie Izzard set for TV adaptation
By Mimi Turner

LONDON -- Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson, Brian Cox, Vanessa
Redgrave, Eddie Izzard and Jason Priestley are to star in a TV remake
of the apocalyptic sci-fi drama "The Day of the Triffids," based on
the 1951 John Wyndham classic sci-fi novel.

The two-part apocalyptic drama, scripted by Patrick Harbinson and
produced by Power Television and Canadian producer Prodigy Pictures,
is in production and will air on BBC1 this year. RHI Entertainment
holds rights for the U.S.

Scott will play Bill Maysen, a doctor who has to lead a band of humans
in an epic battle with the Triffids, a flesh-eating vegetable
originally used as an energy source. When spectators gather worldwide
for a much-anticipated solar storm, billions are left blinded and the
few sighted survivors watch as society collapses into chaos.

The Triffids, meanwhile, find their way out of captivity, roaming the
planet with a fatal sting, and taste for human flesh.

BBC Wales head of drama Julie Gardner said audiences would be

"The incredible cast lined up for 'The Day of the Triffids' is a
testament to the quality of Patrick Harbinson's script. We hope
audiences, both old and new, will be captivated by this modern take on
John Wyndham's classic best-selling novel," she said.

"Together with its amazing effects and iconic locations, it will
deliver the drama miniseries event of 2009," added Power chief
executive Justin Bodle, who also will exec produce the show.

"Triffids" also will be shown on BBC HD, the BBC's high-definition
channel available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.
OH GOD! Wasn't the first one bad enough?
I think I might actually like this one.  Yes, it was bad.  Fun bad.  So 
what could they possibly screw up?
From: [email protected] (It's┬áthe┬áPrinciple!)
<<<Wasn't the first one bad enough?>>>
I never really liked the whole concept--so I doubt that I would like a 
remake any better.

The plot seems to be two or three or four separate plots stuck together 
incoherently:  First, a meteor shower blinds 99% of the world's 
population, causing chaos and panic except among the few who can see. 
OK, that in itself would make an interesting SF movie.  But no, then 
they have carnivorous man-eating plants, which exist before the meteor 
shower, suddenly take their cue from the meteor shower (why?), and start 
multiplying like mad and killing all those blind people.  There's one 
hero who finds one way to kill the plants (lure them into a trap). 
There's another hero who finds another way to kill the plants (with 
brine).  Why did the movie need two solutions to the problem?  At the 
end of the movie, all these folks give thanks that the plants can be 
killed.  THE END--oh, wait, what are you going to do about the 99% of 
the world's population who are still blind?  They never explain that.
About the only hope is to make it a PORN flick.
The 1981 BBC version suggests that the blindness is caused by an
orbiting superweapon gone rogue.  Also, there's a huge human die-off;
six years on, for example, we see that London is empty and

The 1962 movie is awful, awful, awful.
[bunch of extraneous text removed]

Yeah, but c'mon, admit it--you remembered the triffids. I certainly
wouldn't say that they've entered popular culture as much as, say,
soylent green. But I know that I've used the term a number of times
over the years to describe plants that were growing quickly and
threatening to strangle me in the night. (I know--the triffids
didn't strangle; they put out a poisonous powder. But the concept
of "plants taking over the world" was the same.)

Sure I remember the triffids.  My wife has all these plants in our
garden, and I annoy her every so often by referring to the bigger ones
as triffids, as in "I'm not going to water those goddamn triffids, get
yourself another victim."

It's also true that the girl on the train -- Susan? -- looks exactly
like my first crush.  Exactly.  I was ten.

But the 1962 movie's just awful anyway.
Janette Scott and The Triffids are mentioned in THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW.
No one can replace Howard Keel.
More to the point, wasn't what they did to "The Andromeda Strain" in
the remake bad enough?! Now they want to add to that??!!!
Oh.  Forgot about that
I can think of some S/F movies that beg for a decent remake. The Jerry 
Lewis classic, "WAY WAY OUT" is one. Triffids was a bad story in print. A 
stupid movie premise.  The Day the Earth Stood Still was, in my book, a 
monumental dud. Journey to the Center of the Earth was sort of an 
improvement over the vapid original. It HAD to be. I'd still love to see an 
INTELLIGENT remake of "Forbidden Planet." I just have NO hope for Hollywood 
being able to do it. Look at  what is REALLY representative of Hollywood. 
The remake of NOT OF THIS EARTH.  That film reflects the ambient intellect 
in Hollywood. You have to have Hollywood outsiders like Spielberg and Lucas 
to make GOOD films.  <sigh>
I have hopes for the "Forbidden Planet" movie. First off it's not a
true remake but an additional story in the same universe. Plus with
JMS doing the work I expect it will be quite interesting and you can
be sure the meddling by the suits won't be a big issue.
I hold no such hope. They don't even have the foggiest idea of the 
direction yet. It might be 10 years out according to them.

I'm actually glad that it hasn't been put up on the chopping
block for remake/re-imaginings.  The original is fantastic enough
without having to gild the lily.
Well it seems they are confused about what the story will be or even IF it 
will be 10 years from now. They seem to be having problems with resolving 
the fate of Altair IV. Blowing up and all. They suffer the typical confusion 
of Hollywood. Do they do the same story - upgrade the cast, script and SFX? 
Do they do a prequel with the crash of the Beleraphon? Do they pretend that 
the planet didn't blow up? Do they find another Krell planet?  Does the 
original captain have some secret knowledge transferred to him by the Krell 
brain boost (ala O'Neill's mind boost by the ancient device)? Did the Krell 
visit the Earth? Is there a secret Krell base in Antarctica? Are there Krell 
on the Moon? Were the Krell made of green cheese? I said I wanted to see an 
INTELLIGENT remake, not a typical Hollywood STUPID one.
Considering JMS's leaden touch with dialogue, I'm not hopeful...
Don't remind me.  Andromeda Strain, Vanishing Point, great movies tarnished 
by remakes by incompetent hacks.
After the first 5 minutes.......................................