"Die Hard 5" was almost a "24" crossover?

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Merrick here...

Last night, Harry posted a piece indicating that the long gestating
DIE HARD 5 might be called DIE HARD 24/7 (HERE).

This prompted a correspondence from an...established creative talent
within the entertainment industry. Someone known to AICN, who could
feasibly be known to you as well if you heard his/her name... someone
who drops AICN a line from time to time to offer welcomed clarity on
frustratingly vague newsbits.

This time, she/he wanted to let us know how DIE HARD 24/7 got the name
none of us seem to like. Ironically, what a few Talkbackers were
joking about beneath Harry's article (linked above) turns out to be

At one point, The Powers That Be at Fox mulled an idea - DIE HARD 5
and the TV show 24 were to cross over. The intent was for Kiefer
Sutherland to appear as Jack Bauer in an adventure with Bruce Willis'
John McClane. Hence...DIE HARD 24/7.

Our dude/lady didn't know how much development was actually put into
this notion, but she/he believes the project didn't pan out because
Kiefer was more interested in launching his own 24 movie franchise
(still said to be in the works) than doing buddy shtick in Bruce's
already established series. Which leaves some questions. Are we just
now getting wind of an older title that has since been abandoned? Did
they keep the title because they thought it was good, but are using it
for some entirely different DH sequel conceit? Or, if DIE HARD 24/7 is
actually still in play as a title, is there still a specific reason
for using it?

I'll be the first to admit that, at face value, this notion sounds
like the pitiful ranting of a wizzened fanboy. Again, though, this
comes from a source we view as reasonably credible. Is there a margin
for error? Absolutely, but not too likely in this case. Food for
thought and fun to speculate about. So, let you imaginations run

We'll let you know if we hear anything else about this...
Wouldn't they have to wait until Die Hard 7 for this crossover title to make 
sense?  Given the quality of the last Die Hard movie, I have no doubt but 
that these sequels will be direct-to-DVD or even TV movie of the week 
material by the time #7 arrives.
Why? I didn't notice any quality problems.