"ER" rumor says Clooney returning Thursday

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Hospital buzz is George Clooney will reunite with Julianna Margulies
by Richard Huff

NBC executives won't say anything officially, but every hint and
whisper indicates Thursday night will mark the long-awaited reunion of
George Clooney and Julianna Margulies on "ER."

"We're not confirming anything," said a network spokesman Monday.

However, in recent weeks, there have been enough clues from inside and
out of NBC to suggest there's a very good bet one of TV's all-time
great couples will be back on screen again this week.

NBC's storyline listing for Thursday's show notes Margulies is a guest
star, but there's no mention of Clooney.

"If you're a fan of 'ER,' you won't want to miss this one," executive
producer John Wells recently told People magazine.

Clooney, who played Dr. Doug Ross, was last seen on the show in May
2000, when he showed up in a final scene in what was Julianna
Margulies' last episode as Carol Hathaway.

Clooney had exited the show a season earlier.

All this season, the last for "ER," producers have brought back the
stars of the show in guest roles.

Noah Wyle is currently in the middle of a multi-episode arc. Anthony
Edwards has been back. Eriq La Salle is back Thursday. And Alex
Kingston and William H. Macy have already made visits.

Clooney, by far, is the biggest star to come out of "ER" and getting
him back is a big deal.

"We originally said we weren't coming back because it sounded so
cheesy," Margulies recently told TV Guide. "I didn't want to cheapen
our beautiful ending."

Initially, Thursday's episode was to be "ER's" last, however, NBC then
ordered three more shows. The finale is now April 2.

Despite their initial dismissal of a return, Margulies said she and
Clooney eventually agreed to only come back as a team, and officially
signed on once Wells produced a script.

"John stayed true to what my feeling was about the characters," she
said. "I worked with George for two days and we had an amazing time.
You pick up a slice of their life now. It's very satisfying."
Since the end of last week's episode had Nelah getting onto a plane to go to 
Seattle and pick up organs for a transplant operation, it seems very likely 
that the most famous TV doctor from Seattle will show up on screen.

ER has done a really good job with the guest stars this season.

I'd probably find it more satisfying to have her character (and his) killed 
off in the finale, but I guess they have to play to the fans instead.
I wonder if he'll be accompanying the heart back to Chicago with Carol
considering he was seen filming scenes in Chicago last month.

Perhaps just hearing the news of Dr. Carter's illness will prompt them to 
return for a visit?