"Ghost Whisperer" and Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts

TV Arts

Recently taped a couple episodes of "Ghost Whisperer,"  and for a show
that's supposed to appeal more to a female audience (i.e. a "chick
show"), the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt is sure doing her best to
draw guys in as well, with her wearing absurdly low-cut dresses nearly
all the time, exposing as much cleavage as possible.    She sure knows
how to show off her "assets," so to speak, but I'm wondering if it's
starting to turn off the women who watch the show.   Seems like JLH
wears outfits that expose her breasts every episode, which is fine
with me, but a bit strange for that type of show.    What do you
people think?   Is JLH's chest a great part of the show, or too much
of a distraction?    Inquiring minds want to know.  :)


P.S.  Since she's the star and co-producer of GW, I'm sure JLH has a
say on what to wear, so I'm pretty sure she chooses to show off her
"assets" on every episode.
I, too, tape the episodes & have thought the same lately... no matter
what the weather her cleavage is showing! ,g>
Would like to see her something else occasionally.