"Invasion" - Wake Me When It's Over

TV Arts

Gee, that was a really pretty-looking hurricane.  And even the
post-hurricane results looked pretty cleansed.  The people all looked
pretty, too.  Except the chubby guy, but I'm sure if he just shed a
few pounds, he'd look at least half-pretty.  What a snore this was.
And I thought "E-Ring" was bad.  Well, it was, and this was just as
bad.  It took 40 minutes before we got to see something freaky, and
even then it was for a few seconds before it disappeared deeper into
the water.  That's all I got out of this show before I got distracted
by a phone call.  Do I care to watch the rest of what I missed since I
have it on tape?  Naaa.  No doubt about it, this wins hands-down as the
worst of the new sci-fis so far.

Grade: Big fat -0.
Oh yeah, sure. Why would anyone call you?
*shocked*: DAVID?! That's so unlike you? You comin' over to the dark side?
Oh great, there's a female WQ. Now there's an idea for a frightening
"Body Snatchers"-type show.