"Live Earth" concert broadcasts = political propaganda

TV Arts

So next week will we see rebuttals from the people who don't believe
in the global warming con?
Not likely.  The "people" who run the networks are mostly....believers
in this economic socialist scam.  So, the biggest socialist scheme in
history to loot the Western economies gets free airplay here.  While
lock-step robots like Al Gore and the rest of the kooks lead the
cabal.  Well, at least it gave some has-been rock artists some airplay.
Meanwhile, you'll be enjoying a Sean Hannity Freedom Concert featuring 
singalongs with G. Gordon "I Dare You" Liddy, Oliver "The Mute Marine" 
North, and John "Let The Eagle Soar" Ashcroft, plus a special guest 
appearance by country music superstar legend Charlie "One Hit Wonder" 
Frankly, I wish ALL musicians (morons that most are) would stay out of
the public eye when it comes to their warped political viewpoints.
They would if  you would also stay out of the public forums with your warped 
political viewpoint.
No they wouldn't.