"Lost in Space" series reboot in development

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‘Lost In Space’ Series Reboot In Works At Legendary TV With ‘Dracula’
by Nellie Andreeva

The Robinsons are heading back to outer space. I’ve learned that
Legendary TV has put in development Lost In Space, a remake of sci-fi
master Irwin Allen’s 1965 cult TV classic. Feature writers Matt Sazama
and Burk Sharples, who penned Dracula Untold that opens tonight, have
signed on to write the adaptation. The two will executive produce with
Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment, who holds the rights to the
original series though Space Prods. Inc, which he exclusively manages
and represents. At Legendary TV, the project is being overseen by EVP
Peter Johnson.

The 1960s series, set 30 years into the future (1997), revolved around
an attempt by the U.S. to colonize deep space by sending  a single
family, the Robinsons, on a five-and-a-half-year journey to another
planet. But a foreign secret agent, Dr. Zachary Smith, sabotages the
mission, causing the ship to veer off course and become lost in space.
Watch the show’s opening credits to the theme music by John Williams
who would go on to score the biggest space opera of all time, the Star
Wars movie franchise.

The original series aired on CBS for three seasons and ended its run
after 83 episodes over a combination of softening ratings and rising
costs. It was produced by 20th Century Fox, which continues to
syndicate the existing episodes but does not hold rights or have any
underlying ownership in the franchise.

I hear Lost In Space has been a passion project for the Legendary
Entertainment leadership. It was reportedly one of the titles that the
first incarnation of Legendary TV as a pod at Warner Bros. TV tackled,
and speculation was that the frustration over not being able to get
the redo off the ground contributed to Legendary’s decision to shut
down the TV division and relaunch it in a bigger way last year as an
independent company with Bruce Rosenblum at the helm.

Burns, along with Jon Jashni, formed Synthesis 15 years ago to bring
new life to Allen’s creations. The company first tried reviving Lost
at NBC as a telefilm but that project went away following the death of
original co-star Jonathan Harris who played Smith. During the
2003-2004 season, a Lost In Space reboot landed at the WB in a bidding
war where it went to pilot written by Doug Petrie and directed by John
Woo but did not move to series. The series previously had a movie
adaptation with the 1998 film written by Akiva Goldsman and directed
by Stephen Hopkins.

Sazama and Sharples are coming off rebooting another famous property
for Legendary on the film side, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with Dracula
Untold, which is being released by Universal Pictures. The ICM
Partners-repped writers are currently working on another tentpole
movie, the 2016 Gods Of Egypt.
Asylum, the dirt cheap Syfy guys, are a subsidiary of Legendary.
Yes, friends, it's true. I'm taking another swing at bringing Lost in 
Space back to television. Legendary Pictures (The Dark Knight, The 
Hangover, Godzilla, The 300, etc.) has approached me several times over 
the last few years and really wants to do this right. The recent 
announcement is a bit premature, however, as the only thing in place 
right now is a deal with two writers who will be working with me -- 
along with Jon Jashni and Peter Johnson from Legendary -- on a treatment.
As Irwin once said to Jonathan about his plans for a LIS movie...
"Possibility. Nothing definitive!"
Keep your fingers crossed.
Kevin Burns
Was Lost in Space done right way back when?
Was that a rhetorical question?

I did like the pilot for the cartoon (I think I posted here) based on the soundtrack of the 
original show.