"Princes of Malibu" cancelled after two episodes.

TV Arts

What were they thinking when they brought this to TV?

Pitch to network:  "How about two spoiled rich guys whose dad
wants them to do something with their life instead of lay
around and be spoiled?"

"Never mind that nobody has ever heard of these people before,
they will be instant stars,  they have money and a self indulgent
lifestyle, what more do average Americans really want in their

"We can make them more relate to average people by trying to
do everyday things, just like that Hilton girl."

"This concept can't lose".
Not to mention their airhead, enabling mother.  Obviously
she married for money and he did not marry for intelligence.
When news of the cancellation hit last week, I heard a rumor that a
reason the show was being axed was that the husband and wife are
getting divorced.
Sounds like the divorce was planned before the show started.
I wonder if Fox knew.