"Prison Break" Series Finale 5 Cell Block Poll (Spoilers)

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Give a grade to the series finale of Prison Break which aired tonight
on FOX.

5/15/09 Rate of Exchange/Killing Your Number

5 Cells - The Shawshank Redemption

0 to 1 Cell - Lock Up
5 stars. But do they have to kill Scofield? Those bastards just don't 
want us to have a happy ending.
Mixed feelings I guess. Interesting ending for Michael, didn't think
he'd die.

I like how they brought Kellerman back with not even an attempt at an
explanation for how he was still alive (last seen in the back of a van
being blasted with a shotgun), as if to say, yeah its Prison Break,
and someone you thought was dead is alive, just deal with it!

T-Bag back in the slammer...I think this is the happiest ending he
could get, as its the only place he can truly get any respect. Though
I did kind of want to see him out in the world, Hannibal Lecter style.

As I understand it, she's in the 'Final Break' DVD thing.
I think the only reason they let Michael die is to boost the 2 hour 
movie sale.

The movie will come out to DVD in July. It covers how and why Michael 
Scofield died. Michel should have lived a long life like his mom,
Christina if not the ultimate sacrifice for Sara.

The project began as Prison Break: Female Prison but Fox didn't pick it
up so it becomes a direct-to-DVD movie. Basically the producers make
most of it by using old characters to make another TV movie.

In summary, Sara was sentenced to the prison because she was found
guilty to shoot Christina and sent to a hell-like all female prison.
(Very juicy, prisoners got physically and/or sexually abused by
cellmates, female guards and male guards. Fox should have picked the

To break his wife out, Scofield became a woman thru the surgery, and
paid the ultimate sacrifice as the procedure caused the relapse leading
to his death soon after he broke Sara out of the prison.
Of the "ailment that killed his mother" that didn't kill his mother no

And what about that chopstick surgery at The Company?