"THE FLASH" SEASON 2 - extremely mild spoiler

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Love is in the air for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in "The Flash's" 
second season, but Iris West (Candice Patton) won't be the object of his 
affections this time around.

According to TV Line, The CW has put out a casting call for Wendy, a 
"spunky, fun and funny" love interest for Barry in the vein of Felicity 
Smoak from "Arrow." Like Felicity, Wendy will be intelligent and well 
versed in science. She will debut in the second episode of the show's 
second season.

In the season finale, Iris confessed her love for Eddie Thawne (Rick 
Cosnett) just in time for his fatal sacrifice. Granted that the 
singularity doesn't alter Team Flash's current reality, it's likely Iris 
won't be ready to move on from that traumatic moment for a while yet, 
leaving Barry open to explore other options.

Wendy Harris is one of more prominent characters by that name in the DC 
Comics Universe. Once a teenaged sidekick of the Superfriends, Wendy 
eventually becomes Proxy, the protege of Barbara Gordon's Oracle. The 
name Wendy could also be a placeholder for another character like Patty 
Spivot; in New 52 continuity, Patty -- a lab assistant for Central City 
Police Department -- is a romantic interest for Barry.

"The Flash" returns to The CW this fall.

Yes.  This was after (if memory serves) her brother Marvin was torn to
pieces by Wonder Dog.  I'm not kidding.
Some writer really wanted to ruin everyone's childhood memories of Saturday
morning cartoons, sigh.
[email protected] says...

As has been said here some time back, "writers are evil".
Are you back on dry land? I want to hear all about your trip!
To be fair the circumstances was far different from the TV show:

Teen Titans comics

Wonder Dog makes his first appearance in the mainstream DC Universe in
Teen Titans.[1] He appears to be just a stray dog that finds his way
to Titans Tower, and is named Wonder Dog by Miss Martian. Wonder Dog
soon transforms into a gigantic dog beast, kills Marvin and viciously
attacks Wendy, leaving her paralyzed.[2] Wonder Dog was a hellhound
used by Ares' son, King Lycus, whose goal is to destroy Wonder Girl.
With every innocent death, Wonder Dog grows stronger; the Titans soon
destroy him.

[1] Teen Titans #62 (August 2008)

Or they could have simply created an entirely different dog and different
brother and sister who weren't Wendy and Marvin and not pulled that
bullshit. Do you get how this good writing thing works?
Ed Furillo: "Shut up! Just shut up! He doesn't get it! He'll never get 
it! It's been 4 hours! The cows can tape something by now! Forget about 
it please!"

It's not a matter of taste, you blithering idiot. It's a matter of objecting
to an entirely different story that re-uses the names of existing characters.

Why would comic book fans give a crap one way or the other? Wendy and
Marvin were created for television (further exploited in a comic book
tie-in). I know this good writing thing is an entirely foreign concept
to you.

When I was a kid, Super Friends was a Saturday morning kids cartoon on
ABC produced by Hanna-Barbera in the studio's cheapo animation technique,
although they put some effort into the backgrounds. It ran just one season,
1973-4. Wikipedia reminds us that there were 16 hour-long episodes. ABC
aired them straight through September through December. I certainly recall
seeing some of the episodes a third time as networks relied on reruns in
those days.

Since the concept was to have a brother and sister and a dog to provide
the viewer with a point of reference (which I'm sure the network insisted
upon), they created all-new characters for the cartoon series rather
than taking existing "civilian" comic book characters and completely
changing them.

I've been told that there was a tie-in Super Friends comic book series in
which Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog appeared. I always wondered if Wendy
and the dog were Peter Pan references; John and Michael were Wendy's younger
brothers. There's no Marvin in Peter Pan. In Super Friends, I don't recall
if they ever made it clear which sibling was older, but they couldn't have
been more than a year apart. There was never an explanation as to why their
parents didn't give a damn where they were each Saturday morning, as hanging
out with JLA was kind of dangerous.

Several of the scripts were actually pretty good.

There was absolutely no reason to use the characters in any other story
that's not a tie in to the old Saturday morning cartoon, and I don't think
any of the viewers who got a kick out of it when we were very young cared
what became of them as adults.

JLA returned to ABC with new episodes, 15 hour-long episodes for the
1977-8 series, retitled The All-New Super Friends Hour. Whatever charms
the 1973-4 series had were pretty much gone from this series, which looked
even more cheaply produced and the stories were a lot worse.

This time, there was a different brother and sister, no dog but a monkey.
They were just extraterrestrials, no background given. Completely different
characters, so they weren't Wendy and Marvin.

You see how you can write new characters without giving them the same name
as existing characters? You see how this writing thing works, hunter?

The brother and sister were The Wonder Twins, absolutely the worst
characters ever created for television, so awful that they've been
inspiring snark for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come.

There wasn't much in the way of character development to Wendy and Marvin,
but The Wonder Twins made them look like they weren't cardboard.
"In defense of the original SuperFriends." by [email protected],
posted on rec.arts.tv in 1996. This is how I remember the 1973-4 series too.

And you're brain dead because you seem to think there is a law against
that as if DC can't retcon and repurpose those characters in different
incarnations as has been done many times in the DC-and
Marvel-universes. They aren't real historical people after all.
Maybe I can tell you some history since that is a foreign concept to
you  There was a DC published Superfirends comic from the late 1970s
to about 1982 or so. There was also a comic series back in 1999 or
2000. They have been incorporated into the DC Universe of comics since
2006 you ignoramus. And I'm sure a lot of comic book fans remembered
the Superfriends cartoon from the mid 1970s like we do. There are of
course a lot of cross viewing/reading or is that concept beyond you?
First they weren't brother and sister. I don't know where you got that
from. You must have imagined it and then projected; and how are you
sure that the network insisted on anything?
Likely coincidence in the names.
Again they weren't brother and sister and in the cartoon world as in
the comic world has the parents ever wondered where their kids were?
In the comics in the mid 1970s they wee given the reason as to why the
Superfriends took them in.
That's your limitation and bias and sorry if you have some sort of
proprietary feeling about it. You don't like it but that doesn't mean
you speak for every or even most people.
You're talking about the Wonder Twins Jayna and Zan with their monkey
Gleek. THEY were brother and sister.
Do you understand that characters get recontted by comic book
publishers all the time, some in minor ways some get total make overs.
Where the hell have you been all this time Child?

Again this may not be what you want but it isn't "bad writing". You're
cloakcing it in the authority of the air of a writing school professor
but it is simply you desguise for seeing something you don't like.
I didn't say there's a law against it. I stated that it's bad writing,
because it is bad writing.

Those would have been tie-ins to the several tv series, which I just stated.
Fans of existing comic book series wouldn't have cared what they did on
tv or in the comics. On the tv series, the personalities of the DC heroes
were very different. The adversaries weren't necessarily villains. Since
I re-watched the first episode, the adversary was an alien who chose to
teach humanity a lesson about energy conservation.

That was probably a really stupid thing to do.

"Super Friends" 1973-1974 was adequate entertainment for me, given my age.
The 1977-1878 series was unwatchable. I doubt anyone remembers it fondly,
hence all the Wonder Twins snark.

Yes, I already acknowledged that.

The same way I'm sure you'll always rise to the defense of shitty writing.

More likely not.

I just wrote that. It's right there, quoted above. Can you read?

The changes made to Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog weren't minor,
you blithering idiot. That's why I raised the issue.

The hunter stamp of approval is the ultimate bad writing apology!

I made no comment about any changes to the Wonder Twins. They showed up
on Smallville once; barf.

Did you miss the bit that they didn't give Wendy and Marvin magical powers
or retcon them as aliens, hunter? They created new characters for the
next JLA adaptation for television. They sucked enormously, but that's
beside the point you keep missing.
AFAIK Wendy and Marvin aren't brother and sister in the TV show; they 
definitely aren't in the comics.
Ah. Is the first episode posted anywhere? I guess I could rewatch. So
which one brought the dog?
Wendy and Marvin have the dog.

I only see the episodes on Amazon for $$
They weren't in the '70s comics, but after yet another reboot or three,
by 2006 they were fraternal twins named Harris.  (Wendy's surname was
Harris in the '70s comics.)
All this is missing the reason those characters were so silly: Because 
some network exec said "We've got to have some kid characters that the 
kids in the audience can identify with."

Never mind that most kids were happy to imagine being Superman or Wonder 
Woman. A kid's fantasy is not to be some other kid, but to be grown up. 
Look at Sailor Moon: When she transforms she gets high heels and nail 
The "real" Justice League of America had Snapper Carr, so there was