"The War at Home" - Nuke It

TV Arts

Wow, is this a painful one to sit through.  And why am I doing it?
Everything's totally wrong with this show, from the actors to the
script to the jokes to the timing to the set [a hybrid of the Bunkers'
and Bundys' home] to those little inserts to the phoney laugh track
which itself sounds like a phoney version of a phoney laugh track.  And
Michael Rappaport plays his part like an Al Bundy but without any of
the charisma.  This is pure trashcom in the "That '70s Show" mold.  Put
it out of its own misery and kill it already.

Grade: -0 out of 10.
I agree. It's sloppy, it's racist, it's homophobic. Is there any point? 

Anita Barone is a TV jinks (not on a Mary Page Keller scale, though) who 
killed Jeff Foxworthy's show and is a magnet to total craaaaap. My 
goodness, this show makes me think to myself, and this is a scary 
thought: Maybe 'Hope & Faith' really ISN'T that bad.

It's a cable access quality. And is it just me, or is there some kind of 
white haze on the TV (like a cheese cloth filter necessary for Barbara 
Walters interviews)?
Don't forget sexist. All of which actually wouldn't be so bad if the 
damn thing had a modicum of actual comedy in it.
You know what? I was just watching the opening credits online to The WB 
1995-1999 Geoff Pierson/Stephanie Hodge sitcom 'Unhappily Ever After' 
and I'm telling you-- you have a gold standard like 'Married... With 
Children' and then you have its ugly stepchild ('Unhappily Ever 
After')... but THIS ('The War At Home')?! Man, this show is so cable 
access (or dare I say CANADIAN SITCOM!!!) amateurish, it actually made 
me long for first season 'Unhappily Ever After'; a show that wasn't too 
bad the first year and had somewhat of a (WB network) potential until it 
veered waaaaaaay off-path. *scoffs* My, god... I'm actually longing for 
UEA! That shows you how bad "War" really is. lol


One mistake in UEA made was becoming a prop to make (at that time) 
satirical jokes (life, politics, society in general). I mean, Ally 
McBeal jokes? Yeah, THAT'S gonna work when the shows running in 
syndication in the year 2012. Ditching the boozed-up, drugged-up grandma 
was a mistake; Joyce Van Paten was a delight. Then downward spiraling to 
become unofficially "The Nikki Cox Show" was a deathblow to the show and 
a reason to change the channel. Killing off the mom Jenny in such a way 
was inspiring (tanning bed accident!), but she was a major part of the 
element, so the longterm payoff just wasn't worth the price.