"The War at Home" first epsiode of season 2

TV Arts

Captain Infinity's least favorte Michael Rapaport show returned
tonight, with an episode titled "Back to School"* what were your
thoughts? Did they answer all the questions from last year's
cliffhanger? In a satisfactory manner? What were your thoughts on the
camera blocking? The lighting and set design? Should Kenny get his own

Garondo Marondo!

* Rodney Dangerfield once stared in a film with the same title! Actor
William Zabka, the guy that was the bad guy in "Karate Kid" was a bad
guy in that "Back to School" too, he has taken on many varied roles
during the course of his career with characters named: Rance, Rojack,
Raymond, Ruben, Ruben, and Randy but never a character named Rodney.
However, old time RAT poster Scally's real first name was Rodney.

Garondo Marondo!