i am going to be on dr fill :)

TV Arts

i get to be on tv. i went to the dr fill show. my parents said he culd
help me. i told dr fill about the dorks at mcdonalds who called me
names. then i told him about the dorks at wendys who called me jello
gut. dr fill said "son you eat because your unhappy and your unhappy
becasue you eat. its a vicious cycle. there is someone you need to
get in touch with and forgive. yourself" it all made sense to me. then
i told him about this dork on the compuer who said my girlfrend was a
man. he said "son dont beleve everytihng you here. your girldrend is
not a man" then my girlfrend stod up in all the peeple and said im not
a woman. why do you think ima woman. dr fill said "son how can you not
now that is a man. he has a mustash" i said i thaugh she was italian
then i was so embareassed i cried in front of everyone. the last thing
dr fill siad to me was "son you need to get out more. i have never
told anyone to see a stip club but you need to go to a strip club" i
said i now what a woman look like have have a big naked movie
colection. dr fill said to get of my show. ;( i cant wate to see
myself on tv!! :D have you be on tv/
butter is losing his touch.
Don't insult Italians, or I'll send my cousin Vito to take away your donuts. 
He'll do it too, so apologize.
Who would believe he could actually spell "vicious"?
+0800, Anno Domini:

I thought it was farkin funny! >8^D
Can you lose something you never had?

lolz butter!!