it finally got to me...Stossel and his

TV Arts

V - O - I - C - E !!!!!!   Thank God for Closed Captions ....
That old goat medical expert Dr. Timothy Johnson dispensing medical 
advice when he's just another paywhore in it to make the 
big hospitals plenty of profit bugs me.
Stossel is *just* getting to you? He should have been shot years ago. I
met him once-- and he is a MAJOR asshole. 

"...God who has implanted mind and instinct within every living being." 
(Take Action: Save Pets From the Next Hurricane) 
"L'Shana Tova Tikateyvu"
He's the American Bruce Williams (One O'Clock Live; New Day 
London/Windsor; New Day Victoria) except, not a chronic alcoholic... 
that we know of. ;-)
I've heard as much from my brother, who also met him a while back.  IMO, 
he's more annoying than Geraldo.

Arnold Kim