sleazy product placement on TV show

TV Arts

This week's 7th Heaven featured a sleazy product placement.  A cookie
factory sponsor had their product featured in almost scene, in a very
heavy-handed way.  Eat that cookie and all your troubles will go away.
I turned off the show.

A while back they did this again, over a few weeks, with a brand of

(I purposely am not mentioning the products' names, why give them any
more publicity?)

I don't mind if a product's label is part of scene in the background,
as part of a _normal_ scene.  But these scenes were nothing but
continuing commercials for the products.

(Actually, some years ago there was a series of commercials about a man
and woman meeting, one of them turning out to have a child, in a
continuing story line.  The man was the person who played Giles in
Buffy/VS.  The commercials were entertaining, but I must admit I don't
remember what they advertising, which kind of makes them a failure.
The young woman in 7th H was previously an evil demon on "Angel", she
was kind of hot on "Angel", not so much on 7th H.)
It's happened before, even in scripted shows.  Writers are being forced 
to cite the products in the actual dialogue.  ("Hey, Sam, I'm going to 
get a Mountain Dew.  Be back later.")

The worst of all is cross-promotions--a TV show uses a product placement 
to plug a product that is produced by the parent company of that show's 
network.  Examples:

On one episode of Medium (NBC), there were several references to the 
movie "Memoirs of a Geisha," which just happened to have been produced 
by NBC Universal.

On an episode of Surface (NBC), Keith Olbermann and MSNBC were featured 
prominently--he had a major role playing himself.  In return, MSNBC's 
media critic had given Surface a good review (while most other reviewers 
had panned the show).