wtf is it with Russell T. Davies and endings? (no spoilers)

TV Arts

Just finished both parts of "End of Time". Not bad, reasonably exciting,
too many homages to Davies' own favorite bits from earlier episodes.

Artsy fartsy dual narration, with the Ood and James Bond. Make up your
mind, RTD. The Ood were mostly irrelevant, so they shouldn't have been
there at all.

Good setup, with the universal nightmares.

Now end the fucking episode. There were at least five excellent opporunities
to end it, but no, we have to take the time to visit everybody.

Whatever happened to doing a proper regeneration? The Doctor faints, then
immediately gets a new face. Comes back next season with a new body. Simple.

With the next regeneration, it's going to take the entire fucking episode.

Good bye, RTD. You had the opportunity to go out on a high note, and rather
blew it. Again.
You don't watch the Doctor much, do you?  His regenerations have
always been different, and rarely simple.  The most complicated was
from 4 to 5 when he had some creature akin to death following him
around for a whole 2 hours, until he finally regenerated.

Personally I liked the whole "I don't want to die" deal, and it made
logical sense since radiation poisoning is not an instant passing.  It
can take days or even weeks.

Again see doctor 4.

And you suffer grumpy-old-man-itis.
What was complicated about that? Some guy wearing a white suit shadowed him,
then he became Tristan Farnon. Significantly, he didn't go visit Leela or
K-9 or Sarah Jane or save Jo Grant from being brain dead.

Good one. One might have been concerned about one's tissues boiling and
vaporizing, but I guess the radiation wasn't that serious, contained by a
bit of window glass.